School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support

James Cook Primary School has adopted School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) as a prevention framework, to enhance academic and social behaviour outcomes for all of our students.


SWPBS encompasses practices that provide students with feedback on the accuracy and use of their social skills and behaviours, in the same manner that feedback is provided for successful and accurate academic performance.


The SWPBS framework is implemented to improve academic and social behaviour outcomes for all students. The guiding principles of SWPBS are:

  • Behaviour can be changed / taught.
  • Learning environments can be created / modified to change behaviour.
  • Consistent systems of support are necessary for both students and adults.

SWPBS has demonstrated:

  • Increased academic performance
  • Improved perception of safety
  • Reduced problem behaviour
  • Reduced bullying behaviours
  • Improved social-emotional competence
  • Increased positive school climate and culture

We have created a clearly defined set of expected behaviours based on common language and our vision:


James Cook Primary School Purpose Statement

“Our goal is to build successful and responsible learners, in a safe and respectful environment.”


A ‘Matrix of Expectations’ has been developed and is in the early stages of implementation. 

SWPBS Expectations Matrix 2020


The matrix is based on research around the most effective classroom management strategies ß Engagement – Rules – Routines – Praise and Feedback – Consistent Response to Behaviours of Concern à all of which are most effective when they are part of a school-wide approach built on positive teacher-student relationships across all settings.


A school-wide process for developing and explicitly teaching appropriate and positive behaviours is the next step in our journey.