Physical Education


In Prep - 2, students participate in a program called PMP – the Perceptual Motor Program. This program aims to develop students’ gross and fine motor development, whilst improving and assisting with students balance, fitness, hand-eye coordination and understanding of concepts such as on, in, through and under.



Physical Education/ Sport

At James Cook  Primary School, we take great pride in our Physical Education program. The main aim of the Physical Education program is to develop each child’s Fundamental Motor Skills and fitness as part of their experiences in Primary School. The students are given the opportunity to participate in a vast number of different activities with the aim being to develop in each of them the desire to make physical activity an important part of their life both now and for the long term.



Prep -2

 In Prep to Year 2,  students explore different actions of the body and begin to understand how these actions affect movement efficiency.

Students practice developing their Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) in a range of activities such as running, hopping, jumping, skipping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting and turning.  They are also introduced to more complex skills such as leaping, dodging, over-arm throw, dribbling and striking balls.



Year  3-6

In Years 3-6,  Physical Education classes are focussed around students refining and expanding their range of skills, performing them with increasing precision, accuracy and control in more complex movements, sequences and games. Students begin to observe and give constructive feedback on the skill performance of their peers.

Students begin to complete in more advanced competitions and events. These competitions and events include District Swimming, House and District Cross Country, House and District Athletics and Interschool Sports.



Swimming programs are offered to children from years prep to six. All children are encouraged to attend these programs.


School House Colours

All students are allocated to a house upon entry to the school. Our house colours are as follows:


Each year students participate in the annual school cross country and athletics carnival and dress in their house colours.


Gleneagle Cup

As part of the Year 3/4 Sports Program, the students have an opportunity to participate in the “Gleneagles Cup”. Year 9 students from the secondary college come to the school and coach our students in the sports soccer, netball, basketball and volleyball. The students then participate in a round-robin competition in the sport for which they have been trained against other schools.




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