Science is gaining momentum with primary school students across the nation. We believe that all students need an understanding of science to make sense of their world. Here at JCPS we provide an inquiry based approach to the four Science strands: Chemical Science, Earth and Space Science, Biology and Physics. Utilising the ‘Primary Connections’ science program allows students to work towards and develop the following learning outcomes:

  • Be interested in and understand the world around them
  • Engage in the discourses of and about science
  • Be sceptical and question claims made by others about scientific matters
  • Be able to identify questions, investigate and draw evidence-based conclusions, and
  • Make informed decisions about the environment and their own health and well being

Lessons are fun, engaging and most of all hands on! Our students love the program and are always excited to be a part of it. Come and take a look to see what all the fuss is about.