Music is highly valued at JCPS. We know and understand the importance of developing students in a holistic way and music is one of the most powerful tools for doing just that. In Years Prep – Two, students learn to love music with experiences in listening, singing, moving, playing and creating. Students develop skills in, and understanding of the musical elements of beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and tempo. Students in Years Three and Four continue to become more familiar with non-tuned and tuned percussion instruments, as well as music of other cultures. ‘Orff-Shulwerk’ based techniques and performance pieces become a major focus for students to work towards. Years Five and Six students participate in ‘Musical Futures,’ an informal, student-centred approach to Music that is fast becoming the most popular music program across the globe. Musical Futures allows students to be learning and collaborating with their peers to present and perform a variety of musical pieces in a number of ways. iPad Technology is utilised in this approach, allowing students to manipulate and compose music in ways that are conducive to 21st century learning.


We also provide students in Years Three to Six the opportunity to be involved in the school choir or ensemble group, as opportunities for students with a passion for music to extend their capabilities. Both groups participate in various performance opportunities throughout the year.


JCPS also offers keyboard and guitar lessons here at school through external companies, ‘Guitar Stars’ and ‘Primary Music Institute’. For any queries about the program please don’t hesitate to contact the school.