At James Cook Primary School, we place high importance on developing our student’s numeracy skills and number fluency sequentially from Foundation to Year 6, as Mathematics becomes part of our everyday existence. It is common knowledge that almost all future careers will require proficiency in Numeracy. Our Mathematics delivery model is always being reviewed and refined based on recent evidence in effectiveness of teaching to ensure that your child will have the best opportunity to grow in this crucial area. We deliver effective lessons based on a multi-levelled approach to Numeracy to ensure students are working towards their own numeracy goals, in an individualised approach to Mathematics.


Number fluency is developed and practiced daily through our ‘Daily Practice’ program, which aims to identify and attend to areas of need of the individual learner.  This program also fosters the automatic recall of mathematical facts.


At James Cook Primary, we deliver our Mathematics Curriculum in a hands-on and engaging manner with particular emphasis concepts such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as fractions, decimals, and financial mathematics. There is a strong focus on problem-solving through real-life application of concepts being taught. Our teachers are consistently analysing through rich data provided from a range of formative assessments to inform targeted lesson planning to address each child’s specific needs, whilst tailoring a comprehensive coverage of the Victorian Curriculum.